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2019 - Ötztaler Radmaraton

My second Ötztaler Radmarathon is a fact. The weather was kind to us this year. The whole day was, for most riders, perfect cycling weather. Only those who started the last climb too late, got rain on the Timmelsjoch.

The ride went perfectly for me ... Pacing at 75% on the first climb (Kühtai), arriving at the top with my friend Dennis, and then a controlled, but very fast descent (102km/h max). What a difference compared to last year now that the asphalt was dry.

Arriving in Insbruck the search starts for a good group for the Brennerstrasse and the ascent of the Brenner. The group I was in was not very well organized, but the speed was just right for me. At the bottom of the Brenner a quick pee break and then immediately on towards the climb. On top of the Brenner I quickly refilled my water bottles and then withe a nice group into the descent towards the Jaufenpas.

The Jaufenpas is the worst of the 4 climbs for me. This is just 16km pushing hard until you reach the top. There is no flatter part where you can take a moment of rest. On top of the Jaufenpas I took another little break to refill the water bottles and eat a banana. The descent is very tricky in the beginning so watch out! Last year I couldn't see anything in the first Km's because of the fog that was there at the time, that was different this year. How beautiful it can be in the mountains!

At the bottom of the Jaufenpas it goes straight on towards the last climb of the day, and what a climb it is... The Timmelsjoch, 29km of climbing.

Because I paced myself a bit on the Jaufenpas this year, I thought the climb of the Timmelsjoch went a lot better than last year. Once I've reached the famous bends with the Ötztaler shirts, I knew I'm almost there. And when I saw the tunnel on top of the Joch, I suddenly was able to push a bit harder.

Through the tunnels, zip up the windstopper, and there I go into the descent towards Sölden, with just another small climb to the Mautstation just below the top. But after that the big ring goes on and it's full gas towards Sölden.

Euphorically I ride into Sölden where the many people on the side clap and call at you. Now just another turn to the right, over the bridge and through the Red Bull Arch .... I have finished ... I turn around excitedly and see a time on the board at 10: 35h, half an hour faster than last year, until I realize that the clock starts to run after the first riders leave the starting line. Quickly I switch on my mobile phone and look at the messages. Yes it is there...

"Hello Patrick (621), Congratulation! Your dream has become true! You reached the finish line in Sölden after 10: 27.08.7. Winners ceremony at 20:45"

So 40 minutes faster than last year. I'm a happy rider!

And now ... Now comes the black hole after the Ötzi haha. No, now I'm going to do things at home that I missed because of the training.

Oh yes, and a little bit of cycling!

See you next year Ötzi ?????

A BIG thank you to my family that supported me almost a year during my trainings, and to my friends and colleagues that where checking the race at home. I did have a great laugh reading all the messages afterwards!

Here you can find my Strava ride details:

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