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2015 - Vosges with Tourclub Kerkrade Day2


The ride today will go into the TCK Books as the heaviest clubride sofar.

After the French breakfast we leave for a 170 km ride.
After two simple climbs we arrive at the first real climb, the Col de la Schlucht. Known by many Tour stages where this is a second category climb. We all ascent the 8km climb in a fairly easy cadans and tempo.
As a reward follows a wonderful descent at speeds reach the 90 km/h.
In Munster we have a short stop for Cola and Wafels.
After the stop we arrive in Wasserbourg we start to climb something that goes by the name Petit Ballon.
The climb starts very heavy, and our mountain goats tell us later on that they suffered on that climb. Our Service Bus, riding behind the last rider, is filling up with riders that underestimated the Vosges mountain range!

Decending from the Petit Balon, we arrive in Sondernach, where we immideatly start with an 8 km long agony, called Platzerwasel.

The climb takes it's toll on some of the fellow riders. and even I did get a cramp in my upperleg at the top. I decided not to stop but continued to ride, together with Karsten, towards the official resting place. After a few minutes the cramps are gone and Karsten and I go full speed, or what is left of that , over the The Route des Crêtes (very quickly renamed Route de Crap). This is a road over the Vosges mountains that connects all tops of the range together. 
After 15 Km we arrive at Auberge Le Pied du Hohneck, were we are treatet to a great lunch.

After lunch it is "only" 60 km left to ride. Most of it in descent, but the cold weather makes it a hard 60km.

18:30h we arrive at the holidaypark again.

Have a look at the ride here! 168,2km and 3087hm.