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2017 - Velodrome Amsterdam

To start of the season of Tourclub Kerkrade, some of us went for a one day clinc at the Velodrome in Amsterdam.

We've done this a couple of years ago, but for some of the group it's the first time to ride on a velodrome.

I remember entering the track and seeing the wall that the trackriders ride for the first time. The word impossible comes to mind.

But after some instructions from the trainer and rounds at the bottom of the track, you notice how quickly you go higher and higher in the track.

At the end of the c;inic it's time to have a competition. We all have to ride our fastes 200m. This year I did not take any risks as the season was about to start and I was in training for the Maratona dles Dolomites. All in all a great day and if you have never been on the track I would recommend it. It's a fun day.