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2017 - Maratona dles Dolomites Day2

As the weather was quite bad, we hesitated to go out for a ride, but when it dried up we, Marco, Dionne, Vincent and I,  went out for a short ride. 

As the weather was still unpredicteable, we decided to stay in the area, so we climbed up the Passo Gardena. Our Hotel was at the foot of the climb. 

Once up the Passo Gardena we rode the same way back down, and on the other side of Corvara started to climb the Passo Campolongo. This way we would stay near Corvara and could quickly return to the hotel if it should start raining again. 

Descending the Passo Campolongo, it slowly started raining, and by the time we were at our hotel we were still drenched. So far for our plan to stay dry...