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2013 - Ronde van Vlaanderen Cyclo

Beginning of 2013 we decided to ride the RVV Cyclo that year. We is, Maurice, Eugene, Roger, Peter and myself. 

Saturday 301-03-2013

We are leaving early in the morning towards Oudenaaren in Belgium. It's a cold day and we are dressed up warm! Quickly picking up our startnumbers, we ride towards the first climb of the RVV, the Koppenberg. Arriving at the foot of the climb we see a big Jam on the climb. Everyone has to walk up the hill as there is no room to ride! A bit after walking half of the cobbled climb, it is possible to mount the bike again an ride the rest of it. On top of the climb, Maurice tells us one of his spokes just broke. We all thought, that's it for him, but with some fidlling around we get the spoke out and Maurice can continue his ride, one spoke less in his wheel.

After the Koppenberg, all the following climbs where good to ride. It is a real experience to ride all these cobbled climbs, that we all know from TV.

Steenbeekdries, Taaienberg, Kapelleberg, Molenberg, Berendries, Karnemelkbeekstraat and ofcourse the Oude Kwaremont.

The cyclo was really good organised! Enough food at the restplaces etc. Surely a must do for all the cycling lovers!

Have a look at the ride here: 135, 2km and 1589hm

or have a look at my YouTube video here